New Brand // Millican


New brand in the house!
Millican is a brand that focuses on practical yet stylish bags with simple designs and amazing finishes while limiting the impact on the environment.

The bags are designed in the mountains of the Lake District (UK) on a small farm, nestled at the foot of Skiddaw. Millican chooses for a small scale production which means that every product is handmade.

Millican has a wide range of bags, but we chose for the Maverick collection. We love this line because it has an old school inspired roll top which has an adventurous or travel feel to it. Yet, it's simplicity makes it perfect for work and it can easlily become your go-to rucksack for everyday use... Without looking like a seasoned backpacker. ;)
On top of that these backpacks are beautifully designed, so we did not hesitate to incorporate Millican after discovering this brand has an ethically responsible & eco-friendly mission.


The backpacks have a unique feel, the fabric is made of recycled and organic materials, what makes them super strong and durable. The Mavericks Collection is made of a unique Bionic canvas, which is made out of recyled PET (RPET) and cotton. PET is widely used in plastic bottles and packaging of other food. This combo makes it a very sturdy fabric. Using recycled polyester, rather than virgin polyester, energyuse is reduced by 50%, wateruse by 20% and airpollution by a whopping 60%. Furthermore, the whole fabric is waterproof and to avoid the use of plastic the buckles are made from strong aluminium, which are easier to fasten.

We also love the fact that these bags are lightweight. There is nothing more impractical than carrying a heavy bag... The main bag is crafted from only a few panels of weatherproof Bionic® Canvas for fewer seams and more durability. In fact, it’s 57% recycled and 30% stronger than regular canvas.

When your bag has seen better days, you can contact Vera for advice on possible repair options, which can make a huge difference in extending the life of your bag. This is such a great service and underlines their vision on durability. Yes, these bags are made to last.

Amazing finishes

Amazing finishes

We are astonished by the amazing finishes of the design. Every aspect fo the design is thought through. It is even adapted for life on two wheels such as hidden reflectors and a patch to clip your bike light on. They have also added discreet pockets for essentials such as your laptop and valuables. So with Millican, you are geared for life on the move.

And did we talk about the colors? Their collections come in the most stunning and natural colors. Our personal fav is the rusty tone and the rich yellow! The colder colors are pretty too, easy to combine and more 'stainproof'.

To summarize we wholeheartedly agree with Millican's words: 'Beautifully functional, this is minimal design at its best'.