Attirecare is a home, shoe, garment and others care brand that focuses on prolonging the life of our favourite possessions through design-lead utility products.

We started the brand in 2018 after struggling to find products like ours on the market, so we sought out to make our own. The cleaning and care market is a stagnant one, and we want to change that, whilst promoting a more sustainable, throw away less culture.

Along with the rise of mass produced products in all sectors, came a lack of concern for care products. However, as we become more conscious of what we buy and how we live our lives, we hope people will use our products to look after their things once more.

All of our range is handmade in the UK using eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients.

Our products are created with people in mind, to be an extension of a persons lifestyle and make somewhat mundane tasks that bit more enjoyable.