ECOALF was born in 2009. The idea was to create a fashion brand that is
truly sustainable. By integrating breakthrough technology we create clothing and accessories made entirely from recycled materials…without actually looking like it.”

ECOALF represents the fabrics for the future generations.

Upcycling the oceans: In 2015 Ecoalf embarked on its most ambitious project: Upcycling the Oceans a worldwide adventure that will help remove marine debris from the bottom of the oceans thanks to the support of the fishermen.

Ecoalf is proud to be a Certified B Corporation®.Certified B Corporations meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Ecoalf´s vision to stop using natural resources in a careless way is at the inception of all actions, where the business is used as a force for good. A responsible and transparent brand where people, process, product and planet matter.