The production of the HNST jeans is transparent and takes place in the EU and entirely in accordance with the rules of the circular economy.

1. Unscrewable and reusable buttons

Our unscrewable buttons guarantee longevity and recyclability. Replaceable when necessary
and easily removed at the end of life.

2. Plastic free fabric and coating

In line with our circular philosophy and against microplastics our fabric and yarn coating is 100% natural and does not include any petroleum based (plastic) fibers.

3. Embroidered instead of metal rivets

In most denim recycling chains, jeans containing metal rivets have up to 30% material loss when being recycled. With embroidered rivets we ensure 100% recyclability.

4. Cellulose based back patch of Jacron paper

Our back patches are made from FSC® and OEKO-TEX®certified Jacron, instead of synthetic or animal leather.

5. No unnecessary labels on the inside

We avoid using polyester labels by printing all necessary information on the inside pockets with Cradle to Cradle Certified™ ink.