Our vision is to create a kinder, more sustainable world.

Situated in the heart of Bergamo, Italy, we endeavor to produce innovative, cruelty-free products that never harm animals.

With creativity and compassion, we have proved it’s possible to have fashion, without fashion victims.

No more fur, wool, silk, feathers or leather - just beautifully crafted products.

Miomojo. Designed kind.

Though Miomojo is much more than Italian style. Quite simply, it’s everything we believe in. From running an ethically minded business, to knowing that everything we do has an impact on us, our animal friends and our planet.

Finding the right materials and being able to leverage them in service of an ambitious vision is fundamental to creating truly beautiful products.

We recognize that there is still a long way to go, but we are steadfastly committed to this journey of compassion and sustainability.

Human kind. Animal kind.
Naturally kind.

We always strive to be kinder to the planet and that's why by 2022, all of our products will be made exclusively from recycled materials.

At the moment, we proudly offer products made of:

- Cruelty-free leather

- Recycled materials

- Natural fibers

- Certified synthetic materials

Miomojo. Fashion, conscious.