Näz is a young & small Portugese brand & was born as a solution to the quest for a new way to produce clothes. They design timeless and minimalistic clothing for women in natural colors with a feminine look.

The fabrics that Näz works with have a low environmental footprint. The fabrics are almost all made in Portugal. Näz's goal is to create a company based on 100% local production. Näz works with different materials like leftover fabrics from Portugese textile companies, which they buy for a fair price.

In addition, they use the ecological fabrics Cupro and Lyocell, which are also produced in Portugal. Both materials are Oekotex certified and have a closed production cycle. The supplier with whom Näz works, recycles more than 50% of the water used in the factory

Näz is also innovative. Inspired by the concept of circular economy, they have created, in partnership with two local factories, a fabric made from recycled materials, that would otherwise have been thrown away.

They work close with local factories that have good work conditions & are always looking for raw, local and quality materials without generating more impact on the environment, and that has a positive social impact. Inspired by the concept of circular economy, they created partnerships with Portuguese factories in order to develop new recycled products.