Ornament Hemp

Ornament aims to set a standard for a new sustainable and fair fashion industry, with intention and reason behind every stitch.

At present, the general fast fashion industry focuses on one thing, and that is getting as much clothing into your wardrobe at the lowest price possible. Garments have become fast moving consumer goods that we buy, wear a few times, and throw away. However, this western consumerism comes at a high price to pay for the rest of the world. All over South-East Asia laborers are being forced to work in sweatshops for up to 16 hours per day, for wages as low as €2 /day.

Apart from these ethical concerns, today's fashion industry faces serious environmental concerns as well. Using cotton as the general fiber for garment production; huge quantities of land, water, chemicals, and pesticides are needed to keep up with rising demand. All this results in forests being chopped down, huge quantities of water being spilled and the poisoning of both land and water by the chemicals used in the process.

Ornament's Mission

Ornament wants to set a new standard in today's fashion market by using only sustainable materials for its garment production such as hemp, bamboo, recycled PET and other organic/ recycled materials.

What makes hemp so sustainable?

Hemp is a carbon-negative crop, which means it takes out more CO2 om the atmosphere than is created in the process of cultivation. Compared to regular cotton, hemp uses less water and hardly any pesticides while still having a higher return per acre of land.

Ornament's partners

They have set up a partnership with a hemp mill based in Shandong, China. China is one of the only countries around the world that has actively supported hemp in its agricultural program, therefore they can offer a wide variety of fabrics, at competitive prices. All of the fabrics we use are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OCS 100 (Organic Content Standard) approved, this means the fabrics consist of at least 95% organic materials, and no pesticides or herbicides were used in the process.

Ornament Hemp