Verde Moscu

At Verde Moscú we love and care about what we do and put our trust in people who do too.

Aware of the great social and environmental impact of the textile industry, we carefully select each one of the brands that make up our store. We use contemporary designs, materials and organic fibers of the highest quality and sustainable and friendly production processes respectful to the rights and dignity of people.

Verde Moscú is also a clothing brand designed and manufactured in the South, making a strong commitment to the local industry. Each of the garments that make up our collections is made in Spain and Portugal with cloths, fabrics, and sustainable materials.

Both projects reflect our way of thinking towards consumption, economy, and sustainability, and are focused on establishing fair and lasting economic relations.

Fibers and sustainable fabrics

The textile industry is the second largest industry polluter in the world, and cotton growing is one of the most harmful to the planet. Finding alternatives are not a necessity, it is imperative.

Fair labor conditions

Getting an article of clothing to reach the hands of our clients is long, hard and expensive work. Many people are involved, and it is our responsibility to make sure that all of them, wherever they are, are working under decent and fair conditions.

Certificates: GOTS, Fair Trade, Fairwear Foundation, PETA Approved Vegan, Fairtrade Cotton