Alice Dry Re-Gen Selvage

Kings of Indigo
€90.00 Incl. btw


Alice is a boyfriend style jean. High waisted with wide, parallel legs.
The fit is relaxed. The waistband is curved so that it fits snugly around the waist.

  • Vegan brand patch.
  • Recycled metal trims.
  • Pocketing made of recycled plastic bottles.

It is part of our limited edition, Re-Gen capsule collection.

This garment is made with 50% recycled cotton fibers and 50% TENCEL™ Refibra Lyocell, therefore, no new cotton is used in this garment. This innovative process reduces energy expenditure of 30%, water by 50% and chemical agents by 70% - compared with a conventionally made denim. The Re-Gen collection items are dyed with Denim Juice – a technique that reduces water, chemical and energy consumption.

This garment is made with recycled cotton from scraps of pre-used, waste cotton. This reduces the amount of water and C02 emissions required when growing new cotton.

The jean also contains organic cotton, a natural fiber with no chemical treatment making it safer for the planet, farmer and wearer.