Babassu Body & Shampoo Bar

Helemaal Shea
€8.95 Incl. btw


Babassu hair and body soap. A skin and hair soap in one.

A natural, handmade and fragrance-free soap for body and hair. For sensitive skin.

Free from coconut oil, palm oil and olive oil. For those who have an allergy to one of these ingredients or do not want to use soap with palm oil, I have developed a special soap for skin and hair that does just as well its work as (hair) soaps with coconut oil, olive oil and palm oil.

The soap has a rich foam, cares for skin and hair and cleanses well. The oil and butters used in this hypoallergenic soap are sunflower oil, babbasu oil, cocoa butter and castor oil.

This artisan body and shampoo soap can be used daily and is suitable for all hair and skin types.

Ingredients: saponified sunflower oil *, saponified babassu oil, saponified cocoa butter *, water, saponified castor oil, red clay, kaolin clay, activated carbon powder.

INCI: sodium sunflowerate *, sodium babassuate, sodium cocoa butterate *, glycerin, aqua, sodium castorate, CI77491 (Australian red clay), kaolinite, activated charcoal.

* Organic / sustainably grown.