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Helemaal Shea
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Perfume-free and very mild soap for baby and child. With calendula and chamomile extract, nourishing shea butter and vegetable oil such as olive oil and sweet almond oil. Especially for sensitive baby skin.

But this natural baby soap is also suitable for adults (the moms :))

Weight: approx. 100 grams. The soap is handmade and cut, so no soap is the same and the weight can vary per soap.

All shampoo bars and soaps from HelemaalShea are 100% natural, vegan, do not contain parabens, silicones, SLS, phthalates or synthetic fragrances and colour. The soaps and shampoo bars last a long time = good for the wallet, they are packaged in fsc certified Biotop paper = environmentally friendly and sustainably produced. The packaging is recyclable = no waste!

Without Palm oil!

This soap also suitable for washing the hairs. The soap is made according to the cold process method. Real "old-fashioned" artisan soap. Because of this, avoid contact with the eyes.

Ingredients: saponified unrefined Shea Butter, saponified Coconut Oil *, saponified Olive Oil, saponified Castor oil, water, saponified almond oil, saponified Babassu oil, oat silk, kaolin clay, calendula extract, chamomile extract.

INCI: sodium shea butter, sodium olivate, sodium cocoate *, sodium castorate, glycerin, aqua, sodium sweetalmondate, sodium babassuate, avena sativa meal extract (oat silk), kaolin, calendula officinal (calendula) flower extract, anthemis nobilis (chamomile) flower extract.

* Organic.