Beautiful Morning skirt

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Skirt Beautiful morning: Black

It's a beautiful morning! ... when you get up and put on this skirt. These 70s midiskirt is inspired by jeans! My mother had a similar skirt still hanging in the closet;) You can open the press buttons at the front so you can easily create a split. Two small pockets on the front and on the back a "jeans V" or a "back yoke" complete the 70's look. It’s a beautiful morning it is also super feminine. In short, a proven model with a new look. And talking about jackets; if this skirt appeals to you, take a look at the Break my stride jacket in the same style.

What is Garment Dye?

Normally fabrics are first dyed and then cut and stitched. With Garment Dye this is exactly the other way around: first the unbleached cotton is cut and stitched, only then do the items go into a large washing machine to color. This painting method gives a "edgy look" because the article gets a bit of a washed jeans look. Especially on the stiching.