Blaze vegan ankle boots

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We present you the awesome Blaze vegan leather ankle boots.

This innovative, awarded ecological material uses the cores and skins of apples discarded from industrial processes, purées and spreads on a solid sheet to dehydrate them until almost all of the moisture has been removed and then finally combines them with Polyurethane to create vegan leather.

Frumat's Apple Skin is a bio-based leather alternative derived from the apple industry food waste. Born in the Tyrol region in the north of Italy,

a region renown for the production of apples and which every year is

faced with a significant amount of waste, Frumat developed a new raw

material to answer both the local apple-waste issue and the increasing

demand for ecological alternatives to leather.

  • 6 eyelets ankle boots
  • Waterproof and cold-feet-proof ;-)
  • With a thick stitched sole made of a soft new Vegan Leather FRUMAT-APPLE SKIN
  • Does not require “break in”
  • Microfiber lining
  • Rubber sole
  • For men and women