Export Day Tote Bag

€12.00 Incl. btw

Canvas tote bag with print.

  • 70% recycled cotton 30% recycled PET plastic: material made in China, material origin China
  • Made in China

Extra information from Makia about the manufacturing

We have worked together with our main manufacturing partners for years, and we visit the manufacturing sites regularly. Our manufacturing partners have all signed Makia’s code of conduct that is based on BSCI guidelines, as well as ILO and UN human rights regulations. All of our garments comply to the European Union reach regulations.

For better transparency of our production, all of our garments are labelled with the country of origin, which is the place where the final form of the product is given. From the beginning of 2019 we also inform where the main material is made in as well as what is the main material fibre origin.