Boxer shorts

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Boxers hand-crafted in ateliers from Barcelona respecting fair trade100% poplin cotton certified by Oeko-Tex, label for environmental guarantee.

Fixed Gear Rider

This garment is made with our Fixed Gear Rider fabric. The wind in your face, the traction of the wheels touching the pavement, riding the streets of a city is an amazing sensation, enjoy it.

Max Mix Tape

This garment is made with our Max Mix Tape fabric. A special icon for a generation that grew up making playlists with their own hands and suffered not knowing if the song would be cut down at the end of the tape.

Tropical Tucan

The tucan takes us on a trip to his home: the tropical forest, where the purity of nature, tasty fruits and colorful flowers are reigning.

Fox in the snow

Intelligent and spry, the fox is a symbol of wildlife and cunning. Its small size makes it both predator and prey in the great pyramid of hunters hunted, which is why the fox appears as a symbol of magic and luck. Boxers hand-crafted in ateliers from Barcelona respecting fair trade.


Sumo wrestling has been a part of Japanese culture for many thousands of years. The origins of the Japanese culture itself are said to have been established by a sumo battle that took place around 2500 years ago. This legend written in the ‘Kojiki’ describes how the possession of the Japanese islands was determined by a wrestling match between the gods Takemikazuchi and Takeminakata. Nowadays, sumo fighting is inspired in that battle.


We all live in a yellow submarine. Yellow submarine, yellow submarine. This garment is our tribute to the famous song of The Beatles that returned us to childhood in the sixties. By the way, it is the only songsung by Ringo.