Olong Wav

Tweek Eek
€44.50 Incl. btw


We love to experiment! This is reflected in this PERSSED collection, where we press together various residual materials with a gigantic machine with a pressure of 60 tons. The residual materials we collect are waste products from a punching machine and our old cleaning cloths. In this way we squeeze waste into waste. Because we can only remove a certain amount of waste from each batch, the collections are limited. We control everything by hand, which makes each piece UNIQUE in material and shape.

All our collections are locally produced. We use the materials brass, copper and steel they are finished with a special coating
to prevent oxidation. However the metals will choose their own path, what changes the color and also makes the earrings unique!

This collection is completely REUSED. Because of this there may be small scratches on the product.