Waist Bag

€95.00 Incl. btw



100% recycled polyester
Crafted in EU

Waist bag 16 x 19 cm (6,3 x 7,5 inch)
Belt strap 2 x 108 cm (0,8 x 42,5 inch)

For the days when you wish to keep your hands free while not compromising on style, our waist bag has got you covered. Just the right size to store your phone and keys, the bag is both practical and gorgeous. The 2-in-1 waist bag with its minimalist shape features one compartment and a removable strap. The strap is adjustable and can be worn on its own as a belt, while the bag can be worn as a clutch.

>Made out of recycled polyester in the imitation of suede.
>Lining: Organic Cotton

>Zero waste bag: In order to keep our production as zero-waste as possible, we designed multi-purpose organic fabric bags made from left-over fabrics.
>Easy maintenance: The faux suede is durable and hard-wearing. Gently polish with a piece of clean cloth or sponge using water and neutral washing detergent, if needed. Wear with similar colours - the product may leave minor colour traces.