Thought grew from a desire to wear natural clothing. Naturally grown bamboo, cotton, wool and hemp are special. They're not only free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, they're often softer, stronger. And they're always far kinder to the environment.The people and partners they work with are important, so they enlist a Code of Conduct and other policies that put them first.

They are Common Ojective certified which tells you this company is
building a better fashion industry; better for people, planet &


When we first started, hemp was the only fabric we used, China was the go-to-place for the best quality hemp fibres. Over time, China continues to innovate its eco fabrics and offering. So much so that we now source all our natural, sustainable and recycled fabrics here. Like our organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp. Sourcing fabric and making our clothing in one piece helps too, and also helps keeps our carbon footprint down.


It’s important to us that we continue to work with some of the first factories we did when we founded the company. We’ve grown our businesses and skills together. And we’ll continue to do so.

Naturally, we’ve added to our partnerships along the way. When we do so, we always have the long-term in mind. Our relationships are completely open and always two-way. We share growth, we share the same vision. And together we create more jobs and develop skills as well as businesses.


From first to final stitch, we make each piece of our collection in the same country so it’s never shipping from place to place. When it is time to transport our clothing, we do it slowly. And with great consideration for the environment.

Certifications: Common Objective, PETA Approved Vegan