Iris Card Labradorite Bracelet

A Beautiful Story
€19.95 Incl. btw


This bracelet is made of glass beads, messing beads and a small labradorite gemstone on a thread. The bracelet is made of cotton thread with an adjustable sliding knot.

Labradorite helps you trust your intuition, to follow your inner knowing. It invites you to look inside and reflect on what you can let go of and where you want to go, guided by the wisdom residing within you. It reminds you of the strength you have to make this all come true.

Gemstones are created by nature. Every gemstone is unique. That’s why the color of your piece of jewelry may look slightly different from the picture.

It is possible that this new item is priced higher than an old variant with the same name. This is because some raw materials have become more expensive. In order to still be able to pay the makers of your lucky tools a fair wage, we have chosen to pass on the increase in raw material prices to the sales price. In this way, the lucky jobs will continue to exist.


Product Number:BL26137
Color:Grey, Silver
Product Type:Bracelets
Length:16 - 22 cm
Producer:Beads for Life