Men's Pima Slub Cotton T-shirt

Merz b. Schwanen
€65.00 Incl. btw


Meet the high quality and the ultra-softness of real Pima cotton which is known as one of the world’s finest cotton. It is also called the silk of Peru.

This style assures you pure luxury on your skin while looking ultra cool and laid back. The cool optics of the garment dying and stone washing offer the perfect match to this high end quality No doubts – this super soft and comfortable every day T-shirt will always be the right choice!

Moreover, Pima cotton has a very long life span. Why? One reason is its resistance to pilling. Due to its long fibers, Pima cotton hardly ever pills, which means that garments made from this textile stay wearable for years and years to come.

It’s also a fantastic way to regulate the body’s temperature. Want something to cool you down during the daytime and keep you cozy at night? Pima cotton is your go-to fiber.