Men's Sweatshirt

Merz b. Schwanen
€139.90 Incl. btw


Many sweatshirts lead a forgotten existence in some closet. With this style, things will be different for sure: this garment can seriously be shown to the world.

The robust, but soft fabric and the triangular inserts on the neckline and under the arms guarantee a natural fit and maximum comfort. The 3-thread organic-cotton feels comfortable and gentle to the skin. At the same time, the durable fabric will impress you with its haptic feel.


  • Prima Qualität 3-thread, 100% pure organic cotton
  • 3-thread, 340 gr., made on original loopwheelers
  • hand-knitted sweat-shirt material - in German: Futterware
  • soft, pleasant feel, at the same time durable and grippy