Hi there!


We are Rose & Jozefien. Sisters, founders of SWAY and lovers of all things produced ethically and sustainably, and especially clothing of course. ;)

We were brought up with a pretty conscious lifestyle.
In our childhood we would be out in nature a lot, live minimalistic and all our food was organic. We were the only ones with brown slices of bread in our bread boxes, eating seaweed, sugar was a complete alien and most of the time our mother cooked macrobiotic. We are eighties kiddos, so lots of flashy stuff was around, which resulted in envious looks to other kids’ candy filled backpacks… Now, however, we are very grateful for the healthy start in life.

SWAY Fair & Square

For our wardrobe we mostly shopped second hand. But the fashion industry remained a blind spot in our lives and we were uninformed about that topic for a long time.
Until about six years ago we stumbled upon information about ‘the behind the scenes’ of the production and the massive impact on the environment of clothing, which made us decide to start our own business…
We named it SWAY.

SWAY stands for ‘a strong influence’; we want to spread sustainable and ethical brands into the world and be a valuable link in the fashion revolution.

SWAY also stands for ‘a swinging movement’; we want to keep it playful and transform this messy and unfair story behind the fashion industry into a positive narrative. One of respect for nature and human beings; one of truly beautiful creations.

In short, SWAY equals Fair & Square goods: no hidden agendas, the brands are carefully selected and must all meet fair wages, safe and healthy work conditions and cover environmental challenges from making clothing.

So, we firmly believe in a fashion revolution!
Our shopping habits have the power to help change the industry for the better, and together we are stronger.

On this blog you will find our thoughts on our sustainable and ethical collections and about the fashion revolution in general. Hopefully you will enjoy it!

See you soon!