Level 2


We had planned it for a while, but now it is here: Level 2 in our shop in Leuven is up & running! Here you can find pieces from previous collections.

Clothes, fair & square for a tiny price. Yay!

Level 0 + Level 1

Level 0 + Level 1

After 2,5 year it is surprising to hear that not all of our female customers know that there is a first floor in our shop where the men's division resides. Even though it indicates 'MEN' with big letters by the stairs, preceded by a big arrow pointing up the stairway.

So that made us wonder that maybe we should upgrade our signaling signs. Or we should write it in the blog, newsletter & social media...

Probably the best way is to tackle both. ;)

Level 2

Level 2

And yes, apart from the ladies' ground floor and the first men's floor, we now have created a second floor in the shop.

Over the years there are some pieces that are left from previous collections; unsold but still pretty and qualitative items. On our online store you already had access to it, but in our physical store they remained ... Well, stored & unseen.

Now we have made a small but cosy space for you guys to be able to try those clothes on. To touch, feel and try the pieces is of course a completely different experience than buying online. Now, both experiences are possible: off- and online.

And of course, these outlet items can go for a small price. Double win! :)

Our outlet is following the seasons. So for example, remaining winter jackets will not be hanging out in spring & summer. Then you will find skirts, shorts, tops and other breezy clothes & vice versa.

By the way, we made sure the outlet signal was loud and clear, so we have added some color to it.
You can't miss it this time!
See you soon, on one of our levels. ;)

Jozefien & Rose