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It's that time of the year were we want to cosy up, hang lights everywhere, be extra thankful for those we hold dear & bring our merry mood out. Although we are coming together in small groups this year, we need this festive energy more than ever. To brighten the cold winter days with that extra jingle we stocked up on the finest & most original jewelry!

Sister Forces

Sister Forces

Tweek Eek is the newest newcomer at Sway!

Just like us, Rose & Jozefien... (well we are not twins, but sister bosses we are) the Dutch brand is driven by twin sisters Roos the metalworker & Geertje the productdesigner. Bundling their forces, they create the most original jewelry.

They use machines that are not compatible for creating jewelry. That makes it extra special and gives the design a rough and robust appearance.

In this photo Roos & Geertje are wearing the Olong Long Earrings. One of our favorites! The two tones, silver & gold, and the texture in the metal really make them stand out.

Super long in size, this design lifts your elegance effortlessly. So wearing the Olong Long you know you are prepped for a great party. They also come in a smaller size, Olong Flower!

Sway proof

Sway proof

Tweek Eek is Sway proof! They use only recycled materials for their collections such as Copper, Brass & Stainless Steel. So no worries! Your earcandy is Fair & Square! No nasties involved: they are ecofriendly and handmade by the twin sisters Eek in The Netherlands.

Here are the beautiful Star Earrings. They consist of two plates: one behind the ear lobe & one in front, which gives it more depth. We stocked them in Brass & Copper (in this photo I am wearing the brass ones).

So, not only are they a perfect treat for yourself, they are an ideal surprise for your loved one as well.